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Our Mission & Goals
Our mission is to bring events and experiences to Anguilla by using an environmentally friendly, efficient and modern method.


Axcess AI lets you bring your event and business into the 21st century via the internet. Give your customers the ability to securely pay for your event or service.

Meet Demand.

Your customers demand more and want to pay online. In this day and age, you cannot keep letting the internet pass you by. Extend your reach and give your customers access to your business beyond usual traditional methods and also your shores.

World Wide Payments.

Accept payment worldwide. Online payments are getting more popular. Visa and Mastercard are accepted globally which means reduced friction when conducting business.

Easy Access.

You can earn more as Axcess AI puts your events and business in front for a global audience. People now are able to secure their event ticket or access to your service from the comfort of their own home any where in ther world.


Free Advertising.

We are aiming to be the main ticketing and access source of the Caribbean, and with listing your events for free, you now have access to the world stage. We are also very active on social media which means that listing with us instantly gives you exposure on the popular platform such as Facebook and Instagram. This is especially beneficial you are looking to promote your Service/Event to a wider audience.

Multiple Ticket Delivey Options.

We are getting away from traditional ticketing by offering economical, paperless solutions. We deliver tickets via SMS, E-email and if you don't have access to your device for any reason, your ID card gets you in!

Quick and Simple pay outs.

All earnings transferred to your local bank or paid out via cheque within 3 business days after the event or at pre arranged times We understand cashflow is important, so we are making it all easier.

No Hidden Cost.

No setup costs and no booking fees. You only pay if you get paid. Event Organizers and service providers have the option to absorb online ticket fees or pass them on to the customer.

Box Office Option.

Don't want to get your ticket online? We have a ticket outlet option. Walk into the ticket outlet with cash, leave with your ticket as an SMS or E-Mail. No Extra fees.

More Benefits

Eastern Caribbean based | All prices in US and Eastern Caribbean Dollars

Well, we went ahead and built a platform to let you do just that. All at a push of a button
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